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MACKLEMAEDA Productions LLC is an alternative medium performance art duo. Run by twin brothers Mackle and Maeda, the company's creations parody and critique the virtual social spaces and art born of the modern internet while utilizing online flash games of the '00s as an art medium. While MACKLEMAEDA are most well known for their revolutionary work in the Club Penguin (Cosplay) Music Video community, the two are also accomplished businessmen and web developers.

YouTube Channel

Founded on March 19 2017, MACKLEMAEDA Productions debuted their directorial career with "How Bad Can I Be". The brand was actively posting similar videos throughout 2017, then took a 3-year hiatus before returning to create several more CPMVs in 2021. In February of 2022, the pair premiered the Webtoon Boyfriends in Club Penguin: The Series series, which introduced complex lore, original parody lyrics, and AI-generated voice acting to the team's creative arsenal. The film Webtoon Boyfriends in Club Penguin: The Series: The Movie Musical (2022) launched MACKLEMAEDA into micro-stardom and is their most well known work to this day.