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Webtoon Boyfriends in Club Penguin: The Series

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This series is a satirical parodic multimedia CPMV fanfiction of Refrainbow's Boyfriends Webtoon, also adopting characters, music, and themes from franchises such as Danganronpa, Undertale, and Homestuck.


Want Hot Choccy (Original Webtoon Ad)
Song N/A
Sung By N/A
Portraying Prep, Goth, Jock
Premiere Date 06 February 2022

Episode One: Want Hot Choccy (Original Webtoon Ad)

Using the viral Boyfriends Webtoon ad audio, MACKLEMAEDA Productions LLC reenacts the events of certain chapters of the original Webtoon Boyfriends comic in Club Penguin. After a long and frustrating meeting, Prep returns to his dorm room complaining about his student council duties. Goth, playing a video game with his friends, invites Prep to cuddle with him and excuses himself from the voice chat. Thrown off by this act of domesticity, Prep starts to think about the changes in his relationship with Goth, and, seemingly at a loss for words, declares that he has a deep desire for hot chocolate. While making the decadent beverage, Goth remarks that even though they've started officially dating, nothing between them has really changed.

In a flashback sequence, Prep, clearly inebriated, asks to spend the night at Jock's dorm. While Prep, troubled by his feelings for Goth, opens a bottle of wine, Jock questions the relationship between the two boys. He notes that Goth tucks Prep into bed and kisses him goodnight, in an attempt to show Prep's obliviousness to Goth's own feelings. Frustrated by this, Prep continues drinking faster. Jock eventually confiscates the bottle from him, teasing him for being "too drunk". Prep pleads with Jock to give him the bottle back due to his good behavior, leaving Jock flustered before Prep falls asleep.

My Boner And Yours (Our Boners)
Song N/A
Sung By N/A
Portraying Prep, Jock
Premiere Date 14 February 2022

Episode Two: My Boner And Yours (Our Boners)

Some hours after the events of Episode 1, Prep fell fast asleep in Jock's bed. Jock, not wanting to disturb his boyfriend's sleep, tried to conceal his growing arousal. At the same time, Prep seemed to be having a similarly erotic dream. He woke up with a flustered Jock next to him, and the two became intimate. Caught up in their passion, Jock declared his love for Prep and proposed to him, despite their other two boyfriends. Prep joyfully accepted, and the two embraced with a renewed fervor. In the heat of the moment, Jock called out the names of his other boyfriends, and even his own name in his confusion. Prep felt betrayed by this, getting out of the bed and starting to argue with Jock.

The episode interrupts the drama in order to feature a commercial break, advertising Friskies World Cat Food with Extra Gravy using audio from a real-world advertisement. This commercial marks the debut of Garfield and Fetish Custumer, as well as Nagito Komaeda's introduction to the Boyfriends Cinematic Universe. The Friskies World commercial seen here is referenced several times throughout the series, and appears to have aired on television in-universe. This also marks the beginning of the series' B-plot, which runs parallel to and often crosses over with the main plot.

Bros In The Iggy
Song N/A
Sung By N/A
Portraying Prep, Jock
Premiere Date 01 June 2022

Episode Three: Bros In The Iggy

Picking up after Episode 2, Prep explains his feelings to Jock. Prep is extremely hurt, to the point of questioning Jock's love for him. Jock scrambles for an excuse and tells Prep that their intimacy clouded his judgement, and reaffirms his love for him. Prep. not accepting this apology, becomes hateful- using homophobic slurs towards his boyfriend. Jock questions whether or not he can reclaim that slur, prompting further argument between them as Jock did not know Prep's sexuality, instead confusing him for one of the other boyfriends. Jock attempts to reassure Prep, confessing that he loves Prep the most, causing them to reconcile and embrace once again. In the aftermath of their passion, they notice that the dorm is suspiciously hot...

Meanwhile, Garfield and Fetish Custumer are finishing up on set of the Friskies World Commercial. Garfield seems to be familiar with Fetish Custumer's previous work, while Fetish Custumer expresses his admiration for Garfield. They find a common interest by discussing the similarity between comics and visual novels, though Garfield is caught off guard by the mention of Yaoi. He expresses his surprise, to which Fetish Custumer assures him that homosexuality is completely normal. Garfield is conflicted by this, and starts to question his own feelings.

Webtoon Boyfriends in Club Penguin: The Series: The Movie Musical (2022)

Webtoon Boyfriends in Club Penguin: The Series: The Movie Musical (2022)
Song See Soundtrack
Sung By See Soundtrack
Portraying Prep, Goth, Jock, Nerd, Garfield, Nagito Komaeda, Fetish Custumer
Premiere Date 11 September 2022

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